Magenta Crowe


by Christina Ducklow






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Magenta Crowe


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Just as there must be balance in what a community produces, so there must also be balance in what the community consumes.

------ John Kenneth Galbraith

In a world where people, nature and technology must coexist in what often seem to be cramped quarters, the need for peace and balance abounds. Both can exist within an individual, what is rarer is for them to be put out there for the community. Dancer Magenta Crowe, swirling her hips and balancing something atop her head, takes the chaos of our technology-driven world and turns it into a celebration that's organic and beautiful to watch.

In a more literal sense, Magenta is known as the Queen of Balance. At Digital Be-Ins past she has danced with chalice and candelabra poised on her head - at another performance, a spinning gyro. Her costumes, a mixture of sheer, lustrous fabrics and shimmering gold metal, whirl and clink as she makes Flamenco-esque belly dancing look easy.

Magenta has spent over 20 years perfecting this style. She's known internationally as a teacher and a performer, and has shared stage with flautist Tim Wheater of England and the San Francisco Ballet. She's performed at Peter Gabriel's WOMAD Festival in England and at Whole Life Expos in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. As a woman accustomed to wearing a flaming gyro headdress, she, not surprisingly, is a veteran performer at Burning Man as well as a regular at the Digital Be-Ins.

What, you may be wondering, would be a challenge for this woman? Getting the "It's gotta download faster" crowd to slow down enough to take a look through Magenta and into themselves. If all the blinking computer screens start to make your eyelids weary, flee the GIF89's and experience some real movement. Take it in, then take it outside - the hope is that people will consume her energy, bring it home, and use it to temper some of life's ineluctable imbalances.