Digital Be-In 17:


An Exploration of the Human Edge in Tech

Regency Ballroom

Visionary Speakers
Live Music and DJs
Reality Mixer – VR/AR Demo Space
Virtual Be-In 

Digital Be-In 17: Reality Check

The Digital Be-In began in 1989 during the digital media revolution period between 1985 and 1992: the 7 years when 7 industries were transformed: printing, graphic design, photography, music, animation, video – and the new medium dubbed “interactive multimedia” – setting the stage for the emergence of the World Wide Web. What began as a private “demo” party held by Verbum magazine, became a public event in its fourth year, when the date, January 14, 1992 fell exactly on the 25th Anniversary of the Human Be-In, and ‘60s icons Chet HelmsAllen Cohen and Timothy Leary who had been instrumental in that first Be-In became collaborators in our new Gathering of the Tribes. The events ran annually throughout the ‘90s and into the ‘00s, with the 3 most recent held in 2006, 2007 and 2008 on Earth Day. With themes Planet Code, Biomimicry and Ecocity, these gatherings focused on the vital mission of righting our relationship to the planet as the first priority for our digitally empowered evolution as a culture.

Now almost 10 years since the last Digital Be-In, the technology innovations borne in the Bay Area have further accelerated global transformation. At this auspicious time, we are pleased to announce Digital Be-In 17: Reality Check as one of the featured events of San Francisco’s Summer of Love 50th Anniversary. Click here for event details – and we will see you on July 1!

Interested in being a part of Digital Be-In 17?  Please email launch@be-in.com